Fair Game

BronzeCasino Casino understands the importance of a guarantee of fair gaming online, and we’d like to explain how this is achieved.

Our software

Our software is developed, maintained, and rigorously tested. Each transaction that you make at BronzeCasino Casino is recorded to ensure a complete audit trail in the unlikely event of a disagreement. The BronzeCasino “dealer” is powered by a computer with a truly random, sophisticated RNG (Random Number Generator).

Random Number Generator (RNG)

The most important part of online casino is a specially designed program called the Random Number Generator. This is the program that generates a sequence of numbers, which correspond to various dice throws, roulette wheel spins, card types, etc. A good Random Number Generator will produce numbers that are evenly distributed and correlated and unpredictable. If a Random Number Generator is evenly distributed and not correlated, each number will hit approximately the same number of times after a large number of events. If a Random Number Generator is unpredictable, you will not be able to predict the next number in a series no matter how many previously generated numbers you have studied. The Random Number Generator has been tested by leading international accounting and auditing firms, by running millions of game rounds and analyzing their outcomes. As mentioned before, all of our software is audited by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) – a third party auditor to confirm that the games are fair and true.


BronzeCasino Casino is proud of its winners and announces them throughout the month in various manners. Our winner’s feedback is very important to us so please make sure to send us any comments you have, by clicking on the Support or Chat options at the top of the website.

E-mails Section

As a member of BronzeCasino Casino, you will receive regular E-mails about our promotions, updates, new games, events and important personal account information. Internet service providers now contain powerful anti-spam filters to ensure that their customers only get the E-mails they want to receive.
Occasionally anti-spam filters will result in some of your legitimate E-mails being blocked and thus you might not receive bonus offers, important account information, and promotional E-mails. Don’t let anti-spam controls spoil your fun, put our E-mail address into your contacts!

We look forward to seeing you in our Lobby,

BronzeCasino Casino Team